With a deep appreciation for diversity and a global mindset, we combine our expertise with your vision, ensuring a wedding experience that transcends borders.

This package is designed for couples who have completed or are in the process of completing most of their wedding planning. However, they still want the assurance of an experienced and professional coordinator to ensure a smooth and stress-free wedding day.

Upon signing the contract, we will arrange an initial consultation meeting where we will provide vendor recommendations and create a preliminary timeline. Throughout the planning process, we are available to answer any questions you may have, but you will be responsible for organizing your wedding independently.

Approximately six weeks before the wedding, we will step in to review your plans and become the main point of contact for all vendors. By this time, you will have secured most, if not all, of your vendors, allowing us to handle the final coordination. We will oversee vendor contracts, tie up loose ends, create a detailed timeline and floor plan, and manage the logistics of your entire event. Additionally, we will conduct a rehearsal and walkthrough one or two days before the wedding.

On your special day, our team, led by Sugako and assistant coordinators, will transport your personal items to the venue, ensuring that everything is set up accurately according to plan. We will work tirelessly to ensure that your event runs smoothly and on schedule, making sure you feel comfortable and look fabulous throughout the day. At the conclusion of the event, we will pack all your items and remain on-site until the breakdown is complete. With our comprehensive coordination services, you can fully enjoy your wedding day without any worries.

This package is perfect for couples who prefer to take an active role in planning their wedding but would also like professional guidance along the way. With the Hybrid Coordination package, you will reach out to vendors, conduct interviews, and make your own selections. However, we will be there to offer valuable advice and assist you in choosing the best vendors for your needs. While you maintain direct relationships with all vendors and handle the booking process, we will provide direction and consultation throughout the planning journey. To streamline the process, we will create an online event planning project account, which will serve as a central hub for managing your budget, aesthetics, guest list, vendor contracts, and payment schedule. We will be available as a resource to address any questions you may have during the planning process.

Approximately three months prior to the wedding, we will take over vendor communication to ensure a seamless transition. During the final three months leading up to your wedding, you will have unlimited opportunities to meet with us via Zoom, in-person, or phone calls. On the day of your wedding, we will provide the same Day of Wedding Coordination services as described in "The Core Package."

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The Partial Planning and Design package is designed for busy professionals who desire to be actively involved in planning their wedding but also seek our expertise and support throughout the process. With this package, we will collaborate on event design and concept development. We will have an initial Brainstorming Meeting upon signing the contract, we will gather your input to create a personalized planning to do list. We refer you to our favorite vendors. Together, we will create a cohesive design concept that reflects your style and vision.

For the final six months leading up to your wedding, you will have unlimited access to us for Zoom, in-person, or phone meetings, providing you with the confidence and peace of mind you deserve. During this period, we will work closely together to finalize decor plans, refine the timeline, and assume responsibility for vendor communication. On your wedding day, we will provide the same Day of Wedding Coordination services as outlined in "The Core Package."

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Our Full-Service Planning & Design package offers comprehensive assistance from the beginning to the end of your wedding journey. This package is ideal for clients who are planning an intimate Hawaii wedding remotely. With this package, you can rest assured knowing that we will be your sole point of contact throughout the entire process, eliminating the need for multiple vendor communications and separate payments. We will start by helping you select the perfect venue from our extensive knowledge of Oahu's major and minor event spaces. Each venue has its own unique advantages and considerations, and our expertise will guide you in making the best decision based on your vision, budget, style, and event size.

Working closely with you, we will focus on every little detail, connecting you with our highly recommended partner vendors who will bring your dream wedding to life. From the intricate details to the overall coordination, you can trust us to handle all the nitty-gritty aspects of planning. On your wedding day, we will provide the same Day of Coordination services described in The Core Package.

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Bliss Bridal specializes in creating unforgettable moments for all of life's special celebrations. While we excel in planning weddings, our expertise extends to a wide range of events. Whether you're hosting a baby's first luau, a Sweet 16 celebration, a graduation party, or a corporate meeting, we bring the same level of creative design and meticulous event management to every occasion. Regardless of the scale or intimacy of your event, we would be delighted to assist you in creating a memorable celebration. Hawaii's picturesque setting serves as the perfect backdrop for these special moments, and with Bliss Bridal, you can expect an exceptional level of detail-oriented and cool-headed event planning.

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